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Our technology

A precision approach to diagnostics

The human body’s immune system is incredibly accurate and precise, like a high-resolution camera. Conventional antibody tests ignore the full resolution of the immune system.

While traditional serology tests use full proteins as markers, Biotome’s precision immunology approach detects antibody binding to small parts of proteins known as peptides, unlocking the high-resolution of the immune system for greater accuracy.


Unparalleled accuracy for antibody tests

Targetting both point-of-care and clinical lab platforms

Efficient, scalable discovery pipeline

Applicable to a huge number of diseases

Patentable markers provide IP protection and build portfolio

Our Projects

Our process of discovering precision markers for diagnosis is applicable to any disease that triggers an immune response. We are currently focusing on three diseases where our solution can provide significant benefits.


Stomach cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in the world, resulting in 700,000 deaths per year. Currently a time-consuming, invasive and costly gastroscopy screening provides the only reliable diagnosis. Our Helitope solution screens for stomach cancer risk with a simple blood test.


Our Covitope test for SARS-CoV-2 will return greater detail than current tests, distinguishing disease severity and identifying protective antibodies. It will provide individuals with information on infection- or vaccine-induced protection levels, allowing them to safely plan gatherings, travel or booster vaccinations.


Pre-eclampsia impacts 5% of pregnancies globally, resulting in 500,000 fetal deaths each year. Our pre-eclampsia diagnostic currently in development identifies markers for disease risk, allowing for prediction and treatment.

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