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Biotome Partners with Cardea Bio to develop Precision Immunology Platform

Perth, Australia – May 4, 2021 - Precision diagnostics company Biotome Pty Ltd has entered into a technology partnership with Cardea Bio Inc, a global leader in nanoelectronics manufacturing and the only mass-producer of graphene-based biological transistors. Through Biotome joining Cardea’s Innovation Partnership Program, the companies can work together to leverage Cardea’s proprietary Cardean Transistor™ technology for the development of electrochemical biosensors for precision immunology diagnostics.

Born out of Nobel Prize winning concepts, Biotome’s novel technology integrates linear epitopes with diagnostic assay platforms to mimic the intrinsic high-resolution of the immune system. This results in higher precision and lower cost compared to conventional serology.

Through their technology, Biotome discovers patentable immunological markers of superior accuracy across a range of diseases, including infections, cancers and autoimmunity. Biotome has a strong application portfolio, including patented and patent pending markers for stomach cancer risk (Helitope®) and SARS-CoV-2 infection (Covitope®).

“We believe antibody-tests can be improved dramatically. Antibody/serology testing during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted glaring inaccuracy issues with infection diagnostics.” Dr Samuel Lundin, Founder and CEO of Biotome. “This important partnership sets up a solid technology foundation and commercialisation pathway for our patented immunological markers, and we are very excited to be using cutting-edge graphene-based technology to unlock the high resolution of the immune system.”

The partnership will leverage Cardea’s graphene field effect transistors to connect biology with modern electronics for high-precision immunology diagnostics, to address the unparalleled global demand for rapid, accurate diagnostic tests.

“We believe the opportunity of near real-time digital insight to molecular multi-omics is massive and represents a paradigm shift away from the old ways and bottlenecks.” said Rob Lozuk CBO of Cardea. “Cardea’s Innovation Partnership Program enables new products and business opportunities via “Powered by Cardea” development partnerships. Together, with these select partners, new applications, instruments and devices are co-developed for the partner’s specific markets for them to gain new competitive advantages and grow their market share.”

This international relationship allows Biotome to integrate its proprietary immunological markers with Cardea’s graphene-based Cardean Transistor™ platform, which is manufactured at scale, to meet global market needs. The partnership is dedicated to solving 21st century challenges using 21st century technologies.

About Biotome Pty Ltd

Biotome is at the forefront of next-generation serology research, which has the potential to drastically improve the performance of diagnostics, ushering in the new era of precision immunology. Using our technology, we discover patentable immunological markers of superior accuracy across a range of diseases. Through strategic partnerships, Biotome integrates linear epitopes with cutting-edge diagnostic assay platforms to access the intrinsic high resolution of the immune system, addressing unmet needs through the development of precision immunology diagnostics.

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About Cardea Bio Inc

Cardea is linking biology directly up to computers for the very first time by building a Tech+Bio Infrastructure and offering chipsets based on proprietary Biology-gated Transistors, or Cardean Transistors™. These transistors leverage graphene, a nanomaterial that in contrast to the common semiconductor material silicon, is biocompatible and a near perfect conductor due to only being one atom thick. It that way replaces optical static observations with interactive live-streams of multi-omics signal analysis, representing a new life science observation paradigm where multi-omics data-streams will be the new norm instead of most of the current standard technologies that are single-omics frozen-in-time datasets. Together with their Innovation Partners, Cardea can link biology directly to compute power and convert real-time biological signals to digital information, allowing for immediate biological insight and a new generation of applications Linking up to Life.

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