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Biotome awarded Innovation Booster Grant for preeclampsia risk test development

Perth, Western Australia - July 2, 2024: - Biotome Pty Ltd, a Western Australian biotechnology company, has been awarded an Innovation Booster Grant from the Western Australian Government's New Industries Fund. This grant will support the development and international patenting of Biotome's innovative preeclampsia risk test.

The test, which uses novel peptide targets to detect specific antibodies in the blood, aims to provide early risk assessment for preeclampsia, a condition that affects pregnant women worldwide. This advancement could significantly improve maternal health outcomes by enabling earlier interventions.

Prof. Samuel Lundin, Biotome's Chief Executive Officer, explained the potential of the platform:

"Peptides offer a very versatile platform for diagnostics. They allow us to unlock the incredible precision of the immune system which opens new possibilities for early detection across a wide range of health conditions. We can rapidly adapt our tools to new targets and offer a level of precision that was previously challenging to achieve."

Today, preeclampsia diagnosis requires complex blood tests and expensive ultrasound scans – often inaccessible in remote areas. This test could help healthcare providers identify at-risk women sooner, enabling preventative treatments that improve health outcomes for mothers and infants.

Early risk assessment for preeclampsia can significantly improve health outcomes. In high-risk women, daily low-dose aspirin can reduce the incidence of preeclampsia when started before 16 weeks of gestation. This simple intervention also lowers the chances of associated complications such as preterm birth, foetal growth restriction, and stillbirth. 

Acknowledging the grant, Prof. Lundin commented:

"We're grateful to the Western Australian government for their support. In Western Australia we have unique insights into the challenges of remote healthcare. This is the key to tackling global challenges and making a difference to patients worldwide."

Biotome's technology aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals for maternal health, demonstrating how Western Australian innovation can address global healthcare challenges. The company collaborates with several research institutions, including the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, to advance its work.

Based in Western Australia, Biotome is a member of the vibrant WA healthcare innovation ecosystem. The company’s strategic plan includes developing new applications for its diagnostic platform, expanding its team and securing further investment.

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About Biotome Pty Ltd

Biotome Pty Ltd, founded in 2017 in Perth, Western Australia, specializes in peptide-based diagnostic technologies. The company's lead diagnostics, protected by multiple patents, focus on preeclampsia and gastric cancer risk . Biotome is dedicated to improving global health outcomes by creating tests that are accurate, actionable, and affordable.

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